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LaTrace® is a GPS / GPRS tracking system that can be used in WEB, LAN and MOBILE mode. So you can access your give wherever you are.

LaTrace®_artographie riche

Rich cartography

Thanks to its richly documented cartographic database, LaTrace® provides all the data necessary for optimal tracking.



LaTrace® allows tracking of any type of mobile object. So you can manage any kind of physical asset generating costs for your business

LaTrace®  Les fonctionnalités

Areas of use

An array of features to make your business easier


Fleet / Utility Vehicles

LaTrace® is a comprehensive GPS / GPRS tracking system that has a wide range of features to manage your entire fleet of vehicles in an easy and efficient way.

You can have a comprehensive and detailed view of the activities of all your vehicles and receive in real time all the information needed for better governance and ...

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By equipping your car with a LaTrace GPS chartplotter, you choose the most effective and most effective way to protect it.

In case of theft, you are immediately notified and the GPS tracker communicates its position to you in real time. Do not be afraid to leave your vehicle unattended ...

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How can LaTrace® help my business?

It is very simple



With an ergonomic interface and optimal display, LaTrace® gives you a comprehensive overview of the activities of your entire fleet.

A panoply of


LaTrace® is the result of more than 12 years of research and development to provide a system with a wide range of practical features.

A massive collection of


Thanks to a perfect synchronization between the box and the system, Trace® collects all the useful data of your fleet in real time.

LaTrace® Basic Features

An array of features to make your business easier


Real-time tracking

Track your vehicles in real time and guarantee the safety of your drivers



Configure your traffic zones and be alerted if one of your vehicles exceeds them

LaTrace®_Dépassement de vitesse


Instantly receive notification when one of your drivers exceeds regulated speed

LaTrace®_Détection de remorquage

Towing Detection

Be warned when one of your vehicles is being towed or stolen

LaTrace®_Anti-démarrage/arrêt forcé à distance

Remote Forced Start / Stop

Protect yourself from theft and easily control your vehicle from a distance.


Quality of driving

Measure the driving quality of your drivers with a variety of indicators.

The options

Fuel level

Reading BUSCAN

Surveillance camera

Identification Driver


Tank level

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