Safari allows you to calculate the optimum path in distance or time and subsequently to assist the user with visual instructions (2D / 3D map) and vocals to reach the final destination in the best conditions. A downloadable version on mobile SafariSmart is also available. Comes with a SafariUpdate utility that allows for updating and searching and collecting data.

Features of Safari BT

  • A portable navigation device that can be operated while driving or walking
  • Powerful, intelligent and interactive navigation system
  • Optimal path calculation between 2 points
  • Rich geographic database
  • Visual and vocal instructions

  • Radar Detection System
  • Leisure tools: music, video, picture, games, ....
  • Bluetooth
  • Car Rearview Camera Connection
  • Well-designed Graphical User Interface
  • Large, easy-to-use buttons

The functionalities of SAFARI

Predictive text input for search

SAFARI_Saisie prédictive de texte pour recherche

Search by Topic (50 Themes)

SAFARI_Recherche par thèmes (50 thèmes)

Route calculation option: closer, faster, with / without highways

Automatic route calculation, visual instructions Voice instructions
SAFARI_Calcul automatique de la route instructions visuelles Instructions vocales

2D / 3D display

SAFARI_Affichage 2D/3D

The cartographic database

It is a digital cartographic database, with national coverage of the entire Tunisian territory, continually updated. Updates can be downloaded via INTERNET, by accessing the SafariUpdate® tool.

  • National coverage of all Tunisian territory
  • Administrative boundaries of 24 governorates and 264 delegations
  • Towns and villages
  • Main roads (regional, national and highways), avenues, streets
  • Bridges, tunnels, roundabouts
  • Green spaces, public gardens
  • Points of interest of all categories


SafariSmart is a GPS road navigation solution on Android Smartphone that does not require an internet connection, everything works well offline



SafariUpdate is a PC-based software that acts as a wizard for the Safari platform allowing the update of the map via the Internet via SafariUpdate as well as the collection of points of interest on terrain using Safari and then migration of the collected points to the platform LaTrace tracking using SafariUpdate

Why Tunav SAFARI?

  • A true guide on the road to reach your destinations
  • Increasing coverage of the governorates of Tunisia
  • Large number of points of interest
  • Ability to add your own points

  • Updating the Remote Card at No Extra Charge
  • A real pleasure tool (music, video, images ...)
  • Guaranteed professional and professional customer service

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